In these times of the struggle between the LIGHT WORKERS and the ones on the DARK side of humanity , we need to develop our ability to discern the TRUTH. One definition of DISCERNMENT is the activity of determining the value and quality  of a certain subject or event. It is an ART so you have to PRACTICE and PRACTICE until you have a  Knowing that something is true or not. These words are close to my heart. I really like this video. Click video


Say Yes to Love

Say Yes to Love from the heart. Love is a real world phenomenon that can be measured by scientific instruments. Love is a feeling that comes about from making loving decisions , from contemplating the beauty of nature,loving your garden, loving your art you just finished.The point is that these feelings are yours and these feelings heal you.Now if you want to share these feeling with another person, then you find someone who loves at the same degree you do and then you both lovingly share your loves.These words are close to my heart